Here For You – Edward W. Sealey ft. Kendrick Washington – (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you need a groove, a real no nonsense, infectious, dance-inspiring, euphoric and unavoidable groove, Edward W Sealy is your man. But we knew that already, Brighter Than This proved as much. But this time out the groove is heightened even more, the sheer contagion of the sound on offer is increased, games are raised, groove-benchmarks are maxed out.

Here For You is a funky, soul machine, the vocals are light and addictive to the point of being euphoric, disco-soul beats and bass lines shuffle and saunter, pop is out popped, rock seems lumpen and dull by comparison, indie seems overly earnest and self-absorbed and we are reminded that before any of those scenes and sounds had ever reached critical sonic mass, funk and soul ruled the roost.

Here For You is the sound of those genres re-staking their claim. I for one can’t wait to see that happen.

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