Waiting Just to Dance – Felton Pilate (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

See the name Felton Pilate on a record and you are assured of one thing. Groove. Effortless groove at that and Waiting Just To Dance is full of it. It’s a great tune, one which joins the dots between soul and disco, funk and pop, drives along on great bass lines and infectious beats, soulful vibes and sing-along vocals perfectly.

Timeless is a much over-used word, especially in the hyperbolic world of music journalism but Waiting Just to Dance deserves such a label. It could have been the product of any era from the seventies onwards, immune to the fickle finger of fad and fashion, rather, ringing in tune with more universal sonic truths and classic musical ethos. And that is the nature of great songs, they don’t succumb to current trends, they are more important than that.

Felton Pilate makes music that always manages to tick those boxes and Waiting Just To Dance is just the latest example of a classic artist at work.

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