Lovers – The BRKN (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What The BRKN understand more than most bands is how to mix the “less” with the “more” to get the best of both worlds. They know that if you are going to deliver an understated ballad, then you need to still pep it up with a bit of sonic excitement. And that is where we find Lovers, a gentle piano piece which wanders dreamily along playing with wonderful dynamics, ebbing and flowing to change the mood, rising and falling to build interest and intrigue.

It’s soulful and sultry, sassy and smooth, and it is The BRKN‘s ability to hold back when some bands might take a more obvious path or add a touch of heightened sonic excitement where others would play a more ambient card, which is their real charm. Even a song built on such simple lines, such delicacy and deftness, it is still impossible to second guess. And the best music is always that which takes you to unexpected places or offers you something more than you were hoping for.

Lovers is certainly a song which does that.

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