The BRKN is one of those bands whose music is less about a signature sound and more about a signature vibe. Their previous releases, such as Lovers, Come Outside and Lost Boy have neatly proven that within a sort of upbeat neo-soul, punchy pop and sparky indie corner of the musical Venn Diagram, they are a wellspring of evolving and elective creativity. But no matter what form their music takes it is guaranteed to be upbeat to the point of being buoyant, energetic to the point of euphoria, infectious, hook-laden, addictive, polished and, best of all, fun.

And Coffee, again, ticks all of those boxes and even adds a few new ones to the list. Its on-off groove is a masterful use of dynamic and control, sometimes powerfully pushing the point home, at other times dropping right down so that the lyrics can work more effectively or introducing an understated lull to act as a springboard to come firing back with a full-blown sonic sucker punch.

And now that Covid restrictions are starting to show us some light at the end of the touring tunnel, this Denver three-piece will be on the road with The Dangerous Summer in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA this year. So there is no better time to get your ears around their infectious pop charms and catch them live later in the year.

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