If Charlotte Grayson‘s wonderfully reflective and drifting cover of The Pretenders’ 2000 Miles was the perfect song to round last year off, Coffee is the perfect high and perky note with which to start the new one.

A return to her trademark, upbeat acoustic pop, its infectious groove and positive vibe belies the message that it is a vehicle for. Musing on a heartfelt but perhaps inevitable break-up, it reminds us that even when we know that we have picked the wrong one, the logic of the head is always overturned by the emotion of the heart. That the loss and the longing are still hard to get past.

And because of those nights spent waiting for the call that never came, the text never sent, were fuelled by coffee in an effort to stay awake, its sweet and bitter taste will forever be associated with break-ups.

Equal parts jaunty pop, modern folk and indie cool, Coffee sees Charlotte Grayson cementing even further her reputation for songs that blend traditional, but also of-the-moment sonics, with the language and experience of youth.

What a great way to start the year. Musically speaking that is…not the break-up part, obviously.

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