Lost Boy – The BRKN (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Lovers leant into a more rootsy sound, this time out there is a much more indie vibe running through The BRKN’s latest single. That soulful vibe is still in the mix, how could it not be, it seems to be an integral part of their DNA, but here the emphasis is on something more of the here-and-now, more part of the current zeitgeist.

It’s a cool song, delivered with the usual understatement and space, a fact that means between the beats and the riffs, all manner of atmospheres and sonic oddities are allowed to bloom and percolate. The dynamics wander in and out, ebbing and flowing rather than resorting to anything as crass as volume and impact and the whole thing is a perfect slice of alternative indie or poised pop or…well, who’s worrying about genres anymore.

And as always, the video is a strange mix of band performance and candid, off-stage antics. Musically cool, visually fun…it is The BRKN doing what they do so well, on all counts.

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