Whilst it is impossible to place The BRKN in any one category regarding genre, style or sound, there is one word that springs instantly to mind. Competence. It’s something that they have in no small amount. Their songwriting is fresh and forward-thinking, wilfully hopping genres as easily as a super-hero leaps small buildings. The musicianship puts them in a class of their own. And they can surf zeitgeists, follow and even set musical trends without seeming to break into a sweat.

And if you want proof, just grab yourself a copy of their album Come Outside. I guess if pushed, I would have to say that it is an album of pop songs but it is pop with a difference. Pop that assimilates everything from soul to indie, funk to rock to create something new and modern. Pop that is totally fresh yet wonderfully familiar. More than anything else, it is pop that is fun, as all pop should be.

Pop it may be but it is pop with a PhD.

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