The only thing that you can predict when faced with a new track from Blind Uncle Harry is that what will follow is impossible to predict. Which is something, I guess. We’ve had songs that sound like Dylan going punk, we’ve had chiming acoustic pop, we’ve even had old-time country hoe-downs. Second-guessing what will come along next is not an option.

But if you had put money on a piece of understated, acoustic folk-blues then you would be in luck. Song For Kori is a heart-wrenching narrative put to a gently picked, hushed tune. Musically straight out of the 60’s folk scene, lyrically sounding more like a 40’s blues torch song but overall still totally relevant and relatable, it shows that Blind Uncle Harry can do serious when he chooses to, it’s just that usually, he prefers to come at his audience with a twinkle in his eye.

And what does it all mean? Well, it means that Blind Uncle Harry‘s musical world just got even more interesting.

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  1. […] Blind Uncle Harry is a sonic subversive. I like that about him. They are my kind of people. It’s also a refreshing change, especially to find such sentiments being expressed in American music. Much of the music I get to write about coming out of that country – and don’t get me wrong, I like the place – these days is pretty conservative to say the least. Not that there is anything wrong with saluting the flag, honouring people’s sacrifice, being proud or owning a pick-up truck, a gun and a big hat. But there has to be something to balance that good ole boy, truck driving, leaders of the free world sentiment.Hasn’t there? […]

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