Any album containing a song titled “Where’s Joe Strummer?” has to be worth checking out. Right? Quite right. And although it isn’t that track that is under the pen this time, Uncertainty also proves to be a great calling card for STH’s latest album.

Whilst so many other sites who have written about the track seem to bang on about the sound here being infused and flavoured with 80’s vibes, I would argue that what William Dietz does is totally of the moment. Why? Because ragged, attitude-laden pop never really goes out of fashion. Offbeat enough to be regarded as alternative, addictive enough to bend the ear of the more discerning pop-picker and filled with raw, unpolished melodies…in a good way…Uncertainty is a song with instant attraction.

If pop music had concentrated on making music this great in decades past, or if rock music had taken itself so seriously, I suspect that punk would never have happened.

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