Blind Uncle Harry is a sonic subversive. I like that about him. They are my kind of people. It’s also a refreshing change, especially to find such sentiments being expressed in American music. Much of the music I get to write about coming out of that country – and don’t get me wrong, I like the place – these days is pretty conservative, to say the least. Not that there is anything wrong with saluting the flag, honouring people’s sacrifice, being proud of your country or owning a pick-up truck, a gun and a big hat. But there has to be something to balance that good ole boy, truck driving, leaders of the free world sentiment. Hasn’t there?

Well, now there is. Now we have Blind Uncle Harry. American Way is classic sonic satire, a reminder that the American Dream is, for some, a living nightmare. Democracy isn’t always very democratic. Liberty isn’t as free as you might think. Always do what the powers-that-be tell you, after all they are multi-millionaires and you are not!

And as the man himself so elegantly puts it…”I’ll exploit you before you can screw me.”


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