Blind Uncle Harry might come across as that guy at the end of the bar, always spouting on about conspiracy theories and what the government is really up to. The guy that most of the denizens of this watering whole accept with good grace but whisper about behind his back.

But, if you were to spend any time listening to what he actually has to say, you would find that there is a lot of truth in his warnings and theories. And so it is with his latest song, I Just Want You To Know, a lilting rootsy tune shot through with spiralling fiddles, slices of choppy guitar and heavenly harmonies. One day he might very well be proved right and whilst you were getting your view of the world from The Washington Post, CNN or…(tries not to laugh)…Fox News, maybe it was the guy at the end of the bar, the one who does his own independent research, the guy not taken in my the mass media message, that you should have been listening to all along.

And when it does enevitably all go wrong, at least Blind Uncle Harry can sit back in the sound knowledge that he had nothing to do with it. Part song, part statment of non-involvement, same old raggady brilliance. You can always count on Harry.

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