If you think that most people mellow as they get older, you haven’t much time around Blind Uncle Harry. Just check out the titles of his latest album; they tell you everything you need to know. “Dopesmokers Of The World Unite And Take Over” or “Burn Down The High School” are not indicators that Harry is happy with the state of the world today. Then again, who is?

But he writes songs that are so fun, wonderfully raggedy, satirical, and occasionally silly that you can’t help but side with these stoner anthems and his gentle rabble-rousing and middle-finger attitudes towards the powers that be.

But, like any joke, there is always an element of truth to be found. Here, some serious subjects hinted out in his ragged-arsed folk and under-the-counter culture crusades. Why is smoking dope such a controversial issue? What is the actual point of education when the system is about brainwashing rather than enlightenment? What is the government really up to behind the scenes?

He might not give many answers, but he does raise some important questions. Maybe that is exactly what we need right now.


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