Kicking off with an earlier single, Run Rabbit, reminds us just how deft Cary Shields is in the blues format. Here we find a song that ticks boxes relating to tradition and authenticity whilst offering something jaunty, newer and fun. In The Morning is also a song that has done the public rounds before, again a bluesy number pushing a pop envelope and doing so in splendid fashion.

Then we find ourselves in newer territory, or at least I do. Capers and Wine are soft and seductive; the title track has a great 70’s retro vibe to it, delicate and delicious and Peaceful Hum is reflective and relaxed.

This short, sharp, and shockingly good EP is a perfect slice of sonic goodness. Not a weak song on it, no filler in sight. Just a fist full of well-crafted and lush tracks. What more do you need?

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