I always smile when I look at the pile of new music that the postal pigeon has dropped off at the local trading post for me and see a new slice of sonic subversion from Blind Uncle Harry in amongst the earnest indie kids, overactive proggers, image-obsessed indie kids and the latest mumble rapper seemingly overburdened with the weight of the world yet so unburdened by any talent.

And whilst Harry’s songs are often filled with esoteric wisdom, social commentary and drug logic, they are always filled with humour. It’s the perfect blend of wit and wisdom, a sort of Arlo Guthrie for the modern age. Obviously, a song with such a title could get you into a lot of hot water but thankfully he protects himself with the following statement,  “This song does not advocate the burning down a high school. It merely highlights the significant benefits to society if indeed a high school was to burn down.” This sounds like something from the office of Rudi Guilliani (is he still a thing?) but it does set the tone nicely and tell you everything that you need to know about Harry’s worldview.

From there, he muses on what might happen if such an inexplicable and unforeseen tragedy were to happen and what the benefits might be to its students. And all this is delivered over a harmony-heavy slice of cosmic pop, a package of psychedelic grooves, widdly and wonderful guitars and ’60s, Day-Glo pop colours.

As always, it’s great. It’s funny, of course, but offers up a more serious conversation about the education system, constant testing, academia and social hierarchy. Or that might just be me reading too much into it. That’s the great thing about Blind Uncle Harry, he might be some sort of prophet sent from above to re-order and awaken society, he might just be a high school dropout with a grudge, who knows…who cares, just sing along and enjoy the anarchy!

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