Pop can often be a simple and saccharine affair. Rock music is all too often riddled with cliche and music traditions. But, put the two together in the right way and you should end up with a harmonious and symbiotic result that is the best of both worlds. Listen to Spencer Goldman’s latest single, Breakthrough, and you can clearly see, or should that be hear, this to be true.

Breakthrough matches pop melody with rock muscle, it is an accessible and immediate song but one that runs on energy and euphoria. Big beats and smart riffs, choruses that defy you not to sing along and grooves that you can help but trip over as you tumble towards the dancefloor, or at the very minimum have you hopping and bopping about on the spot.

This is pop music that even rock fans can like, and vice versa, music which seems light but which comes at you with the full anthemic force of a rock festival, a song that is going to become your new dance partner, whether you want it to or not.

Breakthrough, it’s not a song, it’s a sonic possession!


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