Hey Siri is a slightly tongue-in-cheek but also pertinent and poignant song, one that bemoans the complexities of the modern world and remembers a simpler time, one before we were all glued to our phones, when we didn’t run our lives according to what Siri or Alexa were telling us, when we spoke face to face rather than by text or e-mail, a time before the rise of the machines…if that doesn’t sound too dramatic.

This gently lilting, slightly island vibing, acoustic-driven song tries to remind us that we are the masters, the creators of these technologies yet somehow we have become their slaves. Perhaps it is time to remember that these are just tools to aid us, not masters to be obeyed.

Progress is a double-edged sword, as our algorithm controlled modern lifestylecleary shows but at least you have songs such as Hey Siri to act as a gentle reminder of how far we have fallen, but will we take any notice…who knows…hang on, are you reading this review on your phone….oh, I give up!

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