All Alone – West of Corey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

West of Corey is very good at making very poignant statements to go along with their very accessible music. Usually, the smarter lyrical content of the music world seems to go hand in hand with over the top music, the sort of thing that gets called progressive by people like me who write this sort of thing for a living.

It isn’t that West of Corey‘s music isn’t clever but it is easily accessible, direct and engaging and that is what counts. It also has a real feeling of earlier, perhaps late seventies, formative hard rock and that can only be a good thing.

And the point that they raise this time is the idea that it is only when we find ourselves truly alone, without company or distraction, it is only then can we actually begin to understand who we really are.

It’s a fair point, and more importantly, it makes a great subject for a song. And consequently, All Alone is a great song.

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