We have heard All Alone before, it is the song that led the way for this release, a taster and a teaser for what’s to come, but it is worth talking about again, mainly because it did the job perfectly. As I said at the time, there is a hint of 70’s blues-rock about it and that makes it exactly right to kick off this small but elegantly crafted offering, if you like that first track, the rest of this ep is certainly going to work for you.

Big Deal takes the same sky-searing bombastic blues and pushes it even further, it is anthemic, technical, infectious and big…so, so big. The real change of pace comes with Tears on My Sleeve, a powerful ballad (rather than a power ballad and all that implies) although you can imagine a host of the AOR crowd having wished that they had written this, from Foreigner to Boston to Kansas and even she of those without geographically referencing titles.

After hearing All Alone, this is exactly what I expected to be the resulting next step, the only surprise being that rather than that first single being the big hit, the first punch, the song that gives away all the goods, the preceding songs actually raise the benchmark, which has to make them a band to watch.

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