Around their core sound of switched on alternative pop, The BRKN have always made music that pushes at generic boundaries whilst always offering something that is both infectious and forward-thinking, the perfect balance of adventurous and accessible.

Not The Same sees them embrace a rock vibe and add it to their excellent pop chops, a song with is light and easy when it needs to be but calls on some weightier sonics when it wants to kick things over the line into slightly heavier territory.

It’s a sweet spot that most bands fail to find, one that embraces the weight and authenticity of the rock world but never loses sight of the pop heart that has always beaten fiercely and effectively in their songs. Whilst the competition seem to skirt around this perfect collision point, offering up songs that seem clumsy at best and cliche-ridden a worst, The BRKN worked out a long time ago just what makes various genres work and moulded a sound out the very essence of what has always made music, and work so effectively.

And you don’t have to just settle for the band on record, download or whatever way the cool kids are using to access the music these days as

they are set to take their innovative indie-pop sound on the road soon and will be touring with The Dangerous Summer in the US with dates kicking off on March 8, followed by a September run throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. So buy whatever songs of theirs take your fancy…that will be all of them, believe me…but save enough money for a bunch of live tickets too.

Tour dates HERE

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