The cover might suggest that Kali Indiana is a cutting edge pop diva or some sort of Day-glo rock chick but thankfully what greets you musically when you drop the virtual needle onto the digital track is something far smarter than those images might suggest. Kali Indiana offers us something right at home in the outlaw fringes of country music, a perfect blend forged by taking the rules of the genre and gently bending them into something more alternative, more out there, more rebellious, more blues-rock grooved.

And the result is a modern musing on the pitfalls of dating, hinting at the arrogance of men assuming that every single girl in a bar would be drawn moth-like to their flame. It’s a song that starts with a gentle warning and ends with a brilliant I told you so, and it does all this to a slow two-step spin around the dancefloor, to a backdrop of chiming guitars and spiralling fiddles.

The message is that you have to read the room, look for the signs and not make assumptions, its a skill worth learning, after all, Kali Indiana won’t always be there to put you straight.



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