You’re Going To Hell – Electric Peace (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Wow! That’s quite an intro. Opening with an “Elvis gigging in the seventh circle of hell” vibe the title track quickly settles down into its groove. Its groove being a sort of punky-surf-rock hybrid that sounds like Glen Danzig having a fight with The Gun Club in the parking lot outside a Cramps gig. Which I quite like the sound of. Squalling guitars, clattering drums, pulsing basslines and the voice of a possessed and torture soul.

Dinah Might has already passed our way, a rock-surf hybrid which sounds like punk was invented in the mid 50’s in Southern California rather than the Lower East Side … or in London art schools depending on which side of the Atlantic you are reading this on. Stranded in Love again plays on such retro vibes brooding, bombastic, blasted and brilliant and the ep rounds off with the seering guitars salvos and nilhistic lyrics of Tell Me You Hate Me. As anti-establishment as it is universally relatable.

What happens when punks grow up? They drop the faux-boredom, outsider, misunderstood teen angst schtick and turn their musical attention towards life’s real problems. And this is what it sounds like.

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