Hate is a Special Feeling – Electric Peace (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In the short time that I have been writing about Electric Peace, they have found a special place in my hard and cynical heart. I think it is the feeling of anarchy that powers their music, not just in the lyrics and the messages which run through their songs, a diatribe of punks and garage rockers who never let go of their ideals and are still raging against the establishment and the conformity of the world around them, but in the music too.

Take Hate is a Special Feeling, the title track and opening salvo of their latest ep, for example. Sure, it is bluesy and belligerent, rocky and raucous but even within those adventurous and non-conformist waters, it seems to play by its own rules.

The result? Alt-rock grooves bent into gothic-punk sneers filtered through a dark Doorsian version of psychedelia and offered up on the end of a middle finger. Now, I’m not sure what genre you would call this and I doubt that Electric Peace really cares, so no need to get all social media and clickbait about it and have a meaningless discussion in the comments section. Bbest just open another beer and storm any barricades of your own choosing!

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