Now’s The Time – Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Recalling some of the great pop-soul ballads of the ’90s, Now’s The Time is one of those absolute dedications of love. And the art of making such songs work is to take such a personal and intimate sentiment and make it instantly relatable to anyone who hears it. And that is exactly what Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis do here.

It is a soft-edged and sentimental song, one that just oozes love and devotion, something that is universally relatable to anyone who has been uncontrollably in love.

Musically it plays with swathes of soothing soul and poised pop, gently spiralling the two together as the lyrics leave the listener in no uncertainty about the shared love which is running between the singer and the unseen target of his affections.

Soft, sentimental, full of grace and putting love firmly on a pedestal, who doesn’t need some of that in their life from time to time?

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