Dinah Might – Electric Peace (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taken from the ep You’re Going to Hell, perhaps a reference to the various close scrapes and less than reputable situations that vocalist Brian Kild has found himself in over the years, Dinah Might, is a neat blend of 50’s rock and roll rhythms and outsider swagger. 

But it is a fifties sound which has been pushed through a counter-culture filter, laced with punk belligerence, and stands as a testament to not following fads or fashion. Its raggedy charms and subversive ways have more in common with the likes of Sky Saxon’s Seeds, The Gun Club and more latterly perhaps The Judex than anything truely from that era.

It is full of energy and entropy in equal measure, is heady and melodic, fun and frantic. But more importantly Electric Peace groove like a bastard! And after all, when it comes to first impressions, that is the only thing that really matters.

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