Woodpecker Crisis – Cody Lee (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Having been forewarned and therefore fore-armed by Cody Lee’s groovesome New Normal, which kicks off this album, I was fascinated to see where he went with the sound that song hinted at. And the answer is mainly down a different, slightly alt-countryfied, understated rock, singer-songwriter path. The New Normal seems to stand apart slightly for its funky, staccato rhythms and the full album is smoother yet raw-edged, honest and open…vulnerable even.

Nashville is a minimalist collection of sliding notes and restrained beats which gets under the skin of the Music City, Drowning sees a resurgence of the opener’s funky vibes and California is a love-lorn dreamscape to both a place and a person.

Based on what I had already heard, Woodpecker Crisis is, in many ways, not what I expected…which is always a good thing. But it is full of cool tunes and deft lyrics…and that I was certainly expecting.

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