Christmas Kind of Day – ConFunkShun (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m surprised that I have got this far into December and this is the first seasonal song to have landed on my desk. But what a way to kick things off! Far from the usual cheesy Christmas sonic fayre, Christmas Kind of Day is a cool, smooth and soulful offering. Not for ConFunkShun the twee singalongs, the childish rhymes, seasonal silliness or forced enjoyment that is the stock in trade of most creations. Christmas Kind of Day is instead built on honest recollections and warm musical vibes, sassy sax, effortless yet understated funkiness and great vocal harmonies.

The real test of any Christmas song is to ask yourself if you would be happy listening to it out of seasonal context. a test that is easily passed as I reckon these gorgeous vibes and sensational sonics would be just as engaging and infectious as the soundtrack to a mid-summer beach barbeque as it is the soundtrack to a family gathering in late December.

And, in an alternate dimension, three wise men are travelling towards the charts with gifts of groove, funkiness and mirth, and this is the music that they are playing on their i-phones as they follow that star.

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