Post-Christmas Lullaby EP – Huguenots (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I always find it odd that most punk music I hear just seems to be a harkening back to the music of a previous generation whereas the post-punk sound somehow seems to have moved with the times and surfed over the fad and fashion and still sounds relevant today.

Maybe it is the genre’s traditions of more thoughtful songwriting, a love of melody, especially melody which seems to follow its own, oft off-kilter, rules, that it always had something to say. And these are all traits which shape Huguenots small but perfectly formed new e.p. Post-Christmas Lullaby.

Wings of Love, which kicks things off, is the sound of pent up energy being built by hurried basslines and narrative vocals and then released in an explosion of vocal crescendos, percussive crashes and euphoric, epic sonics by the chorus. The title track is a jaunty and jubilant slice of chiming indie and charming alternative pop, an act of devotion and an everyman’s tale and You Struck Me Down works big, almost Americana, swathes of guitar-work through the sort of lyric-scape that the likes of Squeeze or Pulp would have felt at home in.

It’s a neat set of songs, songs which form a sort of narrative triptych, three short chapters of understated, quintessentially British, kitchen-sink dramas. And musically it has a similar quirk to the delivery of the music to match.

Punk seems a long time ago now. Post-punk, thanks to bands such as Huguenots, seems like it never went away.

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