Anyone who has had their music covered by the likes of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak knows something about writing memorable singles. But then, throughout the seventies and eighties, ConFunkShun had 20 hit singles, gold and platinum status hits, eight top tens and number one. It is safe to say that they do what they do better than most.

And what they do, as demonstrated in their latest release, Text Me Tomorrow, is smooth, soulful and seductive, melt-in-the-ears mellifluous music…excuse the overdose of alliteration.

Its a song with a gentle groove and infectious moves, full of warmth and intimacy, but it is also the sound of a band moving with the times rather than merely resting on their laurels and Txt Me Tmrw (see what I did there?) is the perfect blend of the soul scene they grew up in and the sound of where it is today.

With a new album, Smooth Jukebox, out in the summer, you will be hearing plenty more about the band this year.


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