Ain’t it sweet when a tune lives up to its billing? But here we’re talking ConFunkShun, and let me tell you, smooth is their middle name. Okay, I get it, ‘Funk’ technically sits smack dab in the centre, but if this outfit had a string of middle names, they’d likely be called ConFunkSmoothSoulSassySeductiveShun. But let’s be real, that’s one heck of a mouthful.

‘Smooth’ is a brass-driven, funk-soul marvel, leaning towards the softer end of the sonic spectrum yet brimming with self-assured beats and suave grooves. It’s one of those classic numbers that transcends time and trend, scene and style, simply because it’s steeped in an age-old tradition. And let’s be clear, ‘time-honoured’ is just a fancy way to say timeless. And that’s precisely what ‘Smooth,’ along with the entire ConFunkShun catalogue, represents.

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