There’s something almost mystical about the sounds that Mira conjures up here. It’s like a primal howl, a distant whisper from ancient times, a gentle sonic nudge reminding us of our origins and perhaps even our very essence, all pulsating at the core of this tune. The song takes the form of a tribal chant, in this case a sacred song from the Basque region of Spain.

Her most recent masterpiece, ‘Himest Mesi,’ weaves together a tapestry of ceremonial and sacred melodies hailing from the far reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. This musical folklore transformed and transmuted within the confines of this album, serves as a reverent homage to those ancient civilizations and their way of life. It’s almost as if you’re bearing witness to an ethereal ritual, a conjuring of sorts, aimed at bridging the gap between the tangible and the intangible realms that, let’s face it, in part, forge our lives, often unseen.

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