Psychindustrial – Modern Stars (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

If The South Bank Complex or The Trellick Tower were reimagined in a musical form they might well sound like the opening track on this recording. Minimal, brutal but strangely beguiling, the sound emanates a genuinely solid and imposing personality.

Although there is a cohesive aural thread running throughout, there are many forms emerging from shamanic drones, folky ethnic instrumental sections, fuzzy post-rock soundscapes, and dark dystopian musical call and response exchanges.

The track ordering definitely takes you on a journey from start to finish and although I’ve never really believed that any concept album genuinely has a purposeful or exacting concept, I can see that the mood of the piece does make good use of ordering the content in a considered and contiguous manner.

Overall this recording is a good listen and I can see considerable mileage in repeat listens. There is plenty of layered content to explore on future visits.

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