Angelo Nicola Giuliano has always had the ability to turn music into emotions. His pieces may be, on the face of it at least, understated, classical-leaning and contemporary piano songs, but his refined and understated musical lines have always magically conjured moods and feelings, memory and emotion.

Wonder, his latest piece, this time in collaboration with Michele Nobler, is no exception. Like most of his music, particularly pieces such as Only Stardust, he makes the lack of lyrics a strength rather than a weakness. Rather than telling the listener what to think and feel through direct lyrical communication, his music can only suggest, evoke a feeling, stir memories and perhaps even create new sensations.

It is as much in the spaces between the fading of one note and the rising of the next, in the drifting atmospheres and gentle anticipations that such structures bring to life, that the true magic happens. Again, rather than direct the listener to a pre-determined conclusion, they are free to react to the music in any way they see fit, each finding their meaning – melancholia, calm, joy, peace, love, whatever it may be.

Never underestimate the power of space in a musical piece. Anyone can overcrowd and fill their musical canvas with broad brush strokes and clashing harmonious hues. The real art is found in sketching out a few fine lines, the merest hint of an idea or the most delicate suggestion of thought and letting the audience meet you halfway. It’s a rare skill but one that these two skilled composers and musicians have in no small amount.

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