Only Stardust – Angelo Nicola Giuliano (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s been a tough year. There is no denying that. Add all the usual concerns of Christmas with the stresses and strains of this year’s political machinations and pandemic related isolation worries and it has unquestionably been a taxing time all round. What you need is some soothing music. Something that you can lose yourself in, something which seems to massage the very soul. And at such times only Angelo Nicola Giuliano will do!

Only Stardust seems to gently wash down on you like cool rain on a summer’s day; refreshing, invigorating and relaxing. It’s a delicate spray of sonic gorgeousness, one which cleanses the listener, sparing and perfectly placed chimes of piano, notes and chords elegantly dancing together along the keyboard, hypnotic, graceful, all-encompassing.

Like some sort of music therapy session, you emerge repaired and rejuvenated from the other side as the last notes drift off on the wind and you at least find yourself reaching for the replay button, or better still checking out his back catalogue of unbelievable gorgeous music.

Music has the power to heal, we always knew that. Angelo Nicola Giuliano real skill is that he has the ability to remind us of such wonders.

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