Gorilla Warfare – LT & B OH MY (feat. Prince Golden & Fega Michaels) (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Musicians like to throw around perceptions of fusing musical styles, give themselves grand titles which suggest that they are hopping genres, gene-splicing sounds, boldly going where no musician has gone before, kicking open doors and exploring fresh musical landscapes. But few actually do. Most justify such hyperbole by sticking a rock guitar in a pop song, a jazz sample in an indie tune and then act like they have split the atom. LT & B OH MY, however, do everything I described above…and more, they don’t just merge sonic ideas, they build whole new musical worlds. And if they did that well on Quantum Entanglement then they do so doubly with Gorilla Warfare.

Even before you get to the music, the pun in the title marks them out to be smarter than the average act around today. Then the music kicks in, minds are blown, soundscapes open up before you and you feel like artistic conquistadors setting foot on new sonic shores. Hip-hop beats try to contain blistering guitars and funky grooves, sweet musical motifs such as floating flute lines and depth-charge bass pulses, raw crescendos and subtle drops but they have their work cut out for them and the music seems to spill out in search of new minds to influence.

But the clever thing is, although a lot is going on here, Gorilla Warfare is never chaotic, it is exciting, layered, organised, it always knows what it wants to do, even when it wants to do five things at the same time! LT & B OH MY are experts at wrangling their sonics into a pack which at least all heads in the same general direction even when seeming to swerve and sweep, change direction and gather additional random textures around the music.

Gorilla Warfare is complex but it is clever…very clever… and although the building blocks found within are all recognisable, what is being built here is nothing less than the most splendid and forward-thinking sonic architecture.

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