Who would have thought that such a deep and searching lyrical message would come in such a buoyant and funky sonic wrapping. But that’s the fun of music I guess. And if at one extreme of the music spectrum you have grim-faced, over-earnest rockers delivering the most banal and meaningless messages, here, at the opposite end of things, we have a track which is essentially the philosophy of quantum entanglement, the place where scientific fact meets even bigger mysteries, put to a sassy electro-dance groove. Opposites attract I guess!

Whilst questioning the very nature of existence, LT & B OH MY aided and abetted by Casper Sanderson, lay out a sparse beat and pulsing bass lines, synth-riffs built on simple and hypnotic chord spikes and a sleepy, gently trippy vibe. 

We all look up at the sky and ask unanswerable questions. We all contemplate our place in the world and consider the vastness that surrounds us We all wonder why life, why here, why me? Well, now you have the perfect sound track to play whilst you are doing so!

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