Evolved Souls in Ancient Avatars – LT & B OH MY (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We know that LT & B OH MY don’t play by the rules. Or if they do, they play by their own, specific set and they are keeping those a secret from the rest of the music community. We know this from cool releases such as Quantum Entanglement and Gorilla Warfare, even the title of which shows a real interest in both deep thought and playful punning. They sound like my kind of people.

Evolved Souls in Ancient Avatars…see what I mean about the deep thought…is a wonderfully intriguing full album of their music, a chance for them to really lay out their music stall and fully display the breadth and beauty of their music.

Ancient Evolution is a brilliantly understated way to kick things of, Tracy Penokie’s beguiling spoken word psalm spins together elements of an underground history of the world. The past, the present and, more importantly, where we go next, all delivered across what sounds like the very heart pulse of the planet beating.

By contrast, there are moments of pure groove such as The Movement with its funky vibes and infectious ways and Dance Betty Dance’s underground clubland, hi-octane alt-soul-disco sound. Jugador Jugador No Odias is a sublime slice of sax-driven, sultry, soulfulness, simultaneously echoing what has gone before, keeping it relevant for today and looking to the genre’s future, and Swimming of Souls takes Latin beats and blends them with a chilled, modern dancefloor groove to acts as a platform for Isabel Nobrega’s seductive tones.

What LT & B OH MY does here is astonishing. Whereas many artists working in similar territory, not that there are many artists working in similar territory, seek to draw material from many existing musical worlds, from across culture and continent, sound and style, here we have musicians creating their very own, new sonic worlds to call home. This goes beyond just genre-hopping and musical gene splicing, this is the sound of musical creation myths starting afresh.

Sure, the building blocks that they use may be recognisable, familiar even, but what they build from those materials, the sonic architecture that they raise to their own, personal Gods of Music, is like little that has gone before. This new home may border on existing worlds just enough to allow ideas to drift between these sonic planes of existence but this the sound of music being beamed across from a parallel dimension. A dimension where musical history has painted a very different picture, where cross-pollination and fusion is the norm, a more musically enlightened and creative place.

And the key that you need to unlock the door to that world is hidden in plain sight. It’s album shaped. It’s called Evolved Souls in Ancient Avatars. And it is right in front of your very eyes…and ears.

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