Munk Duane’s latest single takes a step away from the more socially aware, musical messaging which is often a hallmark of his songs. But we all need to take a breather from things now and then and thankfully Duane’s breathing space creations come in the form of perfectly crafted, sultry, R&B groovers. Sometimes, more specific, conscious music can divide opinion, especially in the modern, entrenched and opinionated world, but this single is about something that everyone can relate too… relationships.

Sweet Tooth covers that dangerous subject of dealing with outside temptations whilst being in a relationship. It’s something we have all experienced, which is ever present and which is hard to talk about, especially with the other person in said relationship. His trademark sensual and sassy R&B sounds are taken to their logical, lush conclusion and the lyrical message sparks with both tantalising danger and total honesty.

His previous single, Dangerous, had a much more specific vibe, and over a dark and luscious rhythm he punched out at all of those people who deliberately cloud the water and spread misinformation about coronavirus. It’s hard enough navigating the pandemic landscape without people being deliberately disruptive and belligerent. All Munk Duane is saying is why not put those energies to good use rather than just compounding the difficulties. 

And it is that social consciousness which also inhabits his forthcoming single, Fanblade, a funky missive and warning shot which continues along the sonic line which runs through the likes of early Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and Prince. And all three singles will be found on his fifth studio album Fearless Moral Inventory due out early next year. It would seem that conscious music is back on the menu.

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