I love songs that have more than one meaning, after all, the most interesting things in life are bathed in contradiction, duality and hidden meaning. Life would be so boring if it was easy to understand, I mean, where would the fun be in that? Not that this tasteful treat from John Taglieri is shrouded in much mystery but it does hold a deep and personal meaning for him.

After being forced to take a break from music due to vocal chord damage and having been told that he would never sing again, Talking To Myself Out Loud is more than just a song. It is a defiant statement borne out of a personal conversation, plenty of soul-searching and a determination to prove the experts wrong.

Aided and guided by producer Munk Duane, the song charts the progress of a singer determined to hold on to his craft but also documents those difficult internal conversations which examined what it means to be a vocalist and what it might mean to never be able to ply that trade again.

But the experts don’t always get it right and this song is a testament to one man’s struggle to find a way back. Not only does it do that, but it also does so brilliantly, And it gets its point across through a mix of folky grace, subdued pop poise and gentle melody. To the casual listener, Talking To Myself Out Loud might just be a cool song, and it is certainly that, to the artist behind it, it is the sound of someone facing the ultimate, life-changing struggle…and winning through despite the odds.

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