We know that Dispel are able to kick up a wonderfully unholy sonic maelstrom, Lore was proof perfect of that fact. Their latest single, however, an acoustic version of Glasya’s Heresy shows a distinctly more understated side to the band. Stripped of the usual darkwave energies and electro-rock urges, the song highlights the more classical and baroque undertones that pulse through the bands musical veins. Using just a plaintive and unassuming piano line to sketch the song out, it is Ravensea’s crystalline vocals which are the real star of the show. They are always a compelling component of the band’s music but here they are absolute and unavoidable.

Reminiscent of songs such as Evanescence’s heart-tearing My Immortal, in sonic tone at least, Glasya’s Heresy bathes in Dispel’s otherworldly narratives, painting pictures of fantastic otherworlds and heretical pagan cults, of epic journeys and tests of faith to unseen forces, the lyrical language as always adding an air of lush ornateness and dark arcane reward.

This single acts as a taster for the next ep, Pass The Gates, which is planned to cross from their world to this very soon. In the meantime you can use this song as a portal to the alternative dimension which inhabits their music and revel in the rich imagery of this sumptuous video.

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