Your Waist – Easy Gabby (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although Your Waist runs along on some confident grooves, it is flavoured by some neat additional sonic touches and it is these less-expected moves which make it stand out from the slew of bed-room rappers and identikit urban wannabes. At its heart is a joyous beat, one which seems to be a wonderful collision of Afro-Beat sassy and sun-soaked Caribbean vibes and this makes for the perfect poised-pop platform, one which immediately sets it apart from the usual hip-hop or rap fare which it is going to be competing with.

There is an immediate feeling of joy and celebration about the song, again far removed from the usual down-beat, self-aggrandising rapper or pop starlet who is still trading on a sound which hasn’t moved on since the 60’s soul boom. This is different. This is the sound of the world becoming a smaller place. This is the sound of Nigerian contemporary music, itself a mix of more traditional sounds and cutting-edge innovations, starting to influence the Western world, a place which has long been the dominant market for popular music. It is the sound of cultures clashing, of the colliding of worlds, the sound of musical styles which in the past would never have met, freely mingling, mixing and merging to create new forms and new, of the moment scenes and genres.

Lyrically it might be a bit impenetrable for some, especially if your pop music has always been feed to you from the USA, but that just adds to the allure. There is a definite weight and exotic flow to the lyrical delivery and if it is hard to understand for some, that just makes the unlocking of its secrets all the more rewarding.

There are also plenty of deft and delicate touches to be found running through the song that shows that plenty of thought has gone into its conception. The chiming and charming piano line which seems to root the song is as unexpected as it is essential, adding a sweet sonic stream running between the more energetic beats and the lyrical salvos. Behind this, various evocative precision and drum sounds add weight and wonder to the song.

Pop music has always run on infectiousness. Hip-hop music on lyrical dexterity. Afro-beat on sultry sass. Your Waist is the place where all of those elements combine to create something new, fun and delicious.

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