Days of Harmony – Joemayk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest release from Joemayk is a further reminder of his ability to blend wonderfully accessible, pop-aware sounds with more mature, more cleverly wrought and more readily memorable music. The irony of most pop music today is that although it is designed to be easy to connect with and memorable, it encourages you to join and is infectious, few songs of that genre stay in the mind long after the record itself has stopped. By taking those same elements but using something more eloquent and elegant to hold it all together – in this case, country licks, bluesy tones and understated rock smarts – Joemyk creates music which is the best of both worlds. The best of all worlds perhaps.

Days of Harmony is groovesome but has something to say too. It is light on the ear yet is anything but fluffy or throwaway. It skirts the fringes of the country sound but never heads for obvious cliches, it gently rocks, pops with perfect poise, gets the foot tapping and the dance-floor filled and still contains enough subtle and subtle playing to tick the boxes of even the most discerning dance card.

Like the best songs, you can’t put it into a pigeon-hole…let’s just call it Joemayk music, think no more about such labels and just get down and groove about to it. How can you not?

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