The Night Before Christmas – M (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is only natural that recent weeks have seen artists and musicians of all sounds and styles turning their minds towards the seasonal song and the festive tune. Perhaps understandably, with all the turmoil going on in the world, from politics to pandemics, many have offered up earnest rants and melancholic outpourings, which, whilst justified, seem to lose the spirit of Christmas in their rush to be relevant.

Thankfully this musical posse gets things just right. Mega Sean and Mz Tulip have a blast riffing and rapping on the idea of how tough it has been for Santa and Mrs Claus to do their shopping this year, of how, like the rest of us, it has been a last-minute rush to get everything done, with all of the restrictions in place. It is safe to say that it throws some much-needed humour into the mix. And with J.Vision helping to bring everything together sonically, the band ends up with nothing less than a bonafide, hip-hop Christmas cracker!

Times are changing. There’s no snow, the sleigh won’t run on tarmac roads and blaming Rudolf isn’t going to cut it, so it’s time for our yuletide super-heroes to get out there and get stuck in, facing the same challenges and chaos as the rest of us. And at least Santa gets all of those cookies and glasses of milk as a reward! And as in most relationships, it is Mrs Claus who keeps things on track, keeping the big man in line and providing the inspiration and the energy to get the job done.

A great little respite from the stress and strain of the real world at the moment and a reminder of why we do what we do. Love conquers all…even the queue at Walmart!

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