The last time Mz. Tulip and Mega Sean passed my way they were reinventing the traditional Christmas tune and turning it into a humorous rap about doing last-minute shopping due to a no-show from Santa and Mrs C.

This time out they are tackling a much more serious subject matter. Ladies Anthem is the sound of female empowerment being made into cool rap, the sound of the balance being redressed, the sound of the rap genre becoming more enlightened.

It runs on an almost Afro-beat groove but one put through some futuristic technology, on top of which various voices, male and female, take it in turn to rap, speak, soothe, groove, toast and pop. The result is a totally infectious, beat-driven dancefloor killer, the sort that any smart DJ will soon be using to fill the dancefloor to capacity and re-energise the vibes of the club.

The track comes from Mz Tulip’s latest album, The Rise of M, Pt. 1 which in itself puts a new and unique spin on blends of rap, hip-hop, dance and R&B, acting like a reset button and year zero for the urban music sector as a whole. It isn’t often that something like that happens now, is it?

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