Joemayk has always walked a neat line between pop and a hard place, so to speak, weaving accessible melodies through Americana-tinged rock to great affect. It’s a clever balancing act, one which gives his songs as much appeal within the mainstream and commercial end of the spectrum as it does with the more discerning and mature music fan. And even whilst doing so, at no point does it ever feel as if he is compromising in a calculated effort to maximise his audience. That just seems to come naturally.

So, Typical is anything but typical, when compared to the music it finds itself competing with for the pop dollar. And aside from the music there is something wonderful in the message that it carries too. It’s a tale of what becomes of the oddballs and outsiders, those unconventional and unfashionable kids, and in this tale at least, they grow up to be interesting, creative, unique and singular people. If they are not typical, if they don’t fit into people’s expectations, then it is the expectations which need to change, not those youngsters who are following different dreams. It’s an important and timeless message, it reminds us that there is nothing wrong with following your own path, nothing wrong with thinking differently, bigger, less conventionally than the rest of the pack.

Joemayk has always been great at waving together sonic strands which individually sound very familiar but which results in something sounding totally new. That’s the art of it I guess. There is no need to change the musical building blocks, there are still plenty of new songs and fresh sounds to build with the ones we already have.  Typical is a song with something familiar enough about it to remind us many of the songs that we have heard before, but also new enough to be exciting and appealing to the listener’s taste. Joemayk really does know how to make music which is the best of both worlds.

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