If some artists sound like the place they are from, echoing its traditions, history and cultural heritage, perhaps the most interesting music is made by not by them but rather by those who move around. They have the benefit of soaking up small amounts of a wide variety of sounds and styles before moving on to the next place and as such their music is often a sonic patchwork quilt of ideas and genres, flavours and musical colours. It is in such music that the process moves forward, that new genres and unique music are forged. Joemayk is just such an artist.

Latest release, What Fate Holds, is a lilting acoustic song which mixes the offbeat flow of a Bowie number with a straighter indie-rock delivery. Quirky meets conformity! And just when you think that you have the measure of the song it fires off some intriguing glitchy, guitar background glitter and deftly picked notes, steps up a key and continues on its way as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The perfect mix of easy accessibility and just enough musical surprises to raise the song above the rest of the pack.

As always, Joemayk delivers something both interesting and accessible, universal but with just enough unique qualities to keep you hooked through successive plays and then making you want to dive into the back catalogue. In short, it gets you, hook, line and sinker!

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