My introduction to Michele Nobler came through the aptly titled “Wonder,” a wondrous collaboration with Angelo Nicola Giuliano. It’s quite a delight to finally encounter music crafted under his own name. If “Wonder” was a piece of music that skillfully danced on the tightrope between engagement and melancholy, “What We Feel” carries the same graceful poise and poignant depth.

As part of a track-by-track release leading up to the forthcoming album Glass Boxes, scheduled to grace our ears at the dawn of the next year, “What We Feel” operates on dual planes of existence. On the one hand, it’s a serene and comforting piano composition, lulling the listener into a state of tranquillity. But venture a bit deeper, and you’ll uncover the artist’s profound intentions. “What We Feel” serves as a sonic contemplation on emotions, thoughts, and feelings that exist, palpable yet elusive, beyond the realm of conscious control.

The album’s overarching concept, Glass Boxes serves as a metaphorical playground—a dreamworld where inhabitants dwell in glass houses on the ocean floor, unburdened only when the tides recede yet ensnared by inexorable forces when the sea’s waters rise. Michele Nobler deftly employs this metaphor to convey the way we often find ourselves ensnared by the currents of our own emotions.

The music’s inherent simplicity casts a spell—an enchantment that alternates between subtlety and adornment. It never wanders into the labyrinth of unnecessary complexity; instead, it deftly selects the path of understatement, wielding charm as its weapon of choice. This simplicity, you see, is a reflection of the very soul of exceptional artistic creation, or as they say in rock and roll quarters – less is more!

But don’t be fooled into thinking this simplicity arises from artistic constraints, for it is quite the opposite. It’s a cloak veiling years of relentless training, countless hours of unyielding devotion, and a lifetime infused with boundless effort and a river of imagination. Michele possesses the wisdom to grasp that it’s within this very simplicity that we unearth the heart of natural beauty, the purity of grace, and the true essence of delicacy. And that, indeed, is the very fabric he has masterfully woven into this rich musical tapestry.

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