Angelo Nicola Giuliano has, over a series of deft and delicate releases, dazzled us with his ability to turn instrumental piano lines into sonic paintings. Most artists, I should imagine, perceive their creations as being able to speak and describe, evoke and communicate in some way but few are able to do it with such grace as Giuliano.

And, aided and abetted by Luca Mazzillo, we are presented with another fine instrumental piece which seems to sketch out patterns that are only partially coloured in, like a simple watercolour painting whose understated lines and partial hues make it all the more powerful.

So what is Beyond The Mind trying to say? Well, anything you want it to. The great thing about music without lyrical communication is that it converses with you in a very different way. Lyrics tend to lead the listener to certain, preordained and prefered conclusions but without them, with only the gentle, chiming piano leading you, the conclusions drawn can only be your own. And those conclusions, those feelings evoked, those memories and reflections, meanings and musings are as individual as the people listening to this gorgeous music.

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