Winner of the Losin’ Game –  Tony Levitas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m not sure why but as soon as this kicks in my brain immediately triggers images of the likes of Nick Lowe or a slightly less snarky Elvis Costello, not so much in the actual sound but more in the style. Actually, I know exactly why, because there is plenty of the classic songbook vibes going on here, something that both those artists are associated with, and that is a rare pleasure indeed. Such songs seem to bypass genre and age and instead just get filed under “mass appeal, genre irrelevant,” and this is exactly that sort of song one which, okay, displays a fair bit of early rock and roll groove and a whole heap of pop addictiveness, but which has the ability to appeal to all and sundry, from the most bored housewife listening to the radio to the sulky goth to the mainstream pop picker. Okay, not the sulky goth but then again very little does.

It grooves hard, it pops along, it is accessible and interesting, intricate and intriguing, lyrically engaging and an easy listen. Odd qualities for a song which seems to be a break up! But then why not, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as they say, and this is a very honeyed song indeed. 

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