Never Turn You Down –  Tony Levitas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Never Could Be Wrong was build on fierce melodicism and the most restrained of rock urges, this time out Levitas starts from a more delicate platform. Taking acoustic guitar rhythms and dexterous piano lines, the song runs on a lilting and likeable groove, one that is spacious and light and uses little more than a fluid guitar solo to lift things beyond this simple but winning combination. And if all of that sounds a bit too much like a power ballad, relax, this isn’t even close to that, Levitas proves too clever a composer for such cliches.

Think more of balladic folk doing the waltz with contemporary indie, one proving to be elegant and light on its feet, the other leading the dance and providing the energy and euphoria. Grace and grove working in perfect harmony. It’s a great song, one which shows the variety that Tony Levitas has to offer, especially when compared with his more obvious rock and roll moments. But this is a clever blend of folk and indie pop, graceful and glorious, elegant and eloquent.

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