Never Could Be Wrong –  Tony Levitas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a planned EP,  multi-instrumentalist Tony Levitas delivers a wonderful calling card of a song in the form of Never Could Be Wrong. Its heart beats with sonic echoes of 60’s British Invasion bands, nineties pop-rock (even the ghost of Brit-pop rears its nostalgic head) and modern day solo troubadours. But there is something more compelling in the texture of the song too, the musical nuances, the sonic intricacies and layered warmth, that really sets his music apart from the pack.

Pop-rock often gets a hard time, some seeing it as neither one nor the other, but I see it from a different angle and this is a song which wonderfully illustrates my point. Never Could Be Wrong is both brimming with pop melody and driven by rock weight making it the best of both worlds. Something that the rock kids can add to their collections but which the pop pickers will also go for. And with the deftness of the likes of Steely Dan or The Cars being employed in the song crafting this is a song which will build a great amount of anticipation for the forthcoming ep.

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